Thursday, November 5, 2009

So much yet so little

I go back to the doctor next Thursday and have another ultrasound.  I am excited to see my little butterball again. I think we may have agreed on a name.  Girl = Ryel Mahlynn. Boy = Spencer Grant. There's still time to debate and change our minds, but I really like those right now. I found out today that my delivery shouldn't cost us a fortune.  That is a good thing because Talise has orthodontic work that needs to be done, I need a crown and I'm not even going into Fernando's mouth.  OMG!  Fernando registered for CDL classes today. He takes his Compass test on Monday.  he has been happier just feeling like a plan is in motion. I'm happy when he's happy. My niece is getting married!  How crazy is that? It totally doesn't seem like she is old enough, but I guess she is.