Monday, November 23, 2009


This weekend wasn't bad. I was dreading it, but it went okay. I've started craving red meats and orange juice. It gives me heartburn. I still gotta have it. I went to the dr. today, just a nurse appointment. Lots of questions to answer, and some blood work. I go back in two weeks. My brother flew in from Delaware today for my aunt Linda's funeral tomorrow. Typing out the words really sucks. It makes it all more real. It still feels like  bad dream. Like she's gonna call me up and tell me it was a cruel joke. I miss her so terribly bad. I hate the thoughts of tomorrow, and every other day without her in it. My mom and I are getting closer, at least right now we are. We'll see how long it lasts. Tonight Talise and I have a date! It's with girl scouts, but a date without daddy and  Mylie nonetheless. She's excited about it.  I am too!  We are going to see A Christmas Carol in 3d. It's perfect because it has gotten cold out so it feels more like Christmas weather. Well I must go.  I have a headache.