Friday, November 27, 2009


It has been an eventful week. The funeral was Tuesday.  It wasn't so bad. It doesn't feel real, I guess that's why it wasn't bad. I got to see my big brother.  I haven't seen him in three years.  That was nice,  He met Mylie for the first time.  He talked about how pretty and smart my girls are. I must agree. Tuesday night was my and Talise's date. The movie was good, the ride there and back was hellish. I will not take the van for anymore Girl Scout functions. Even poor Talise complained when we finally got back to our car. She had a headache from the ladies (if you want to call them that) sitting behind us yapping loudly the entire ride. Wednesday we cleaned and I cooked all our side dishes. I enjoyed it. I read online to cook the turkey breast  side down to make it extra juicy and we tried it Thursday.  let me tell you ~ YUM! The turkey was a big hit. That pleased me. Thannksgiving it self was a big hit.  I think it was the best meal I've cooked so far. I am proud. When my guests left my first instinct was to call Linda, then I remembered, I can't.  That saddened me. Talise went home with my mom.  She won' be back until Sunday. I miss her like crazy. She's called several times though.  That has been nice. Mom took her to the zoo today. Talise had a blast.  A bird and a goat followed her around.  I swear Talise is another Snow White.  Animals love her. I hope this weekend isn't bad.  Last weekend Mylie burned her hand on the stove. I didn't find out until the funeral.  My step father pointed out a blister that had popped. I took her to the Dr. Wednesday, two of the blisters were infected.  She got ointment for them and they seem to be healing nicely.  i was not at all happy to not find out until two days later though.  my husband knows better now though. Well off to bed, gotta get sleep for work tomorrow.