Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mylie is now One!

I cannot believe how fast the time flew by. I know everyone says that, but it doesn't seem fair. I try to take her all in. I didn't realize just how quickly you forget the baby stuff until I had Mylie. Talise will ask me something about her babyhood and I struggle to remember. Mylie got to play with another baby yesterday at the Dr.'s office. She was so sweet. Very gentle and smiley. That definitely confirmed that we should have another one. I am going to let her self wean though. I don't want to rush her to grow up. She has gotten brave enough to take a few steps without holding on. It is bittersweet. She got a baby doll on her birthday. She lifted it out of the bag and immediately brought it to her lips for a kiss. She loved on her baby. That act melted my heart. She is just a sweet child. I pray that she stays this way.