Monday, March 9, 2009

I've decided, I like abuse

Mylie now slaps the crap outta me. She will stand up so she can look me square in the eye and slap me hard enough for her to fall over. It amazes me the look in her eye and conviction behind her slaps. She also bites. She comes in like she's gonna kiss you, but SURPRISE! Where there should be a wet. slobbery mess is now a pinching sharp pain. What fun! Did I mention that she does this while nursing as well? She does! I am really trying to keep breast feeding until her first birthday, which is in eighteen days. I CANNOT believe my sweet baby is about to turn one! I am quite sad over it. On an up note, she gives hugs and kisses often. She is using her walking toy a lot. She looks incredibly adorable pushing it around the house. She can say Emma. I just love her! I am SO blessed to have her. I thank God for letting me raise her. Talise is doing great. She is SO smart. She is the second smartest kid in her class. She has taken up reading more. She is such an amazing big sister. She really looks after Mylie. She's done much better adjusting to not being number one than I had thought she would. She has gotten quite mouthy. She says extremely hurtful things to me when she is angry. I guess that's my fault. I try to explain to her how it makes me feel. As much as I hate to admit it, she gets it natural. Although I would NEVER say the things she says to me to MY mother, I am a name caller. Fernando and I do. We are trying to work on it. It's tough once you get in a routine though. We took the girls to the park today. It was fun. Te first time Mylie ever got in a swing. It scared her at first, but then she liked it. She kept her arms outstretched in front of her the whole time, like she was bracing herself. She smiled the ENTIRE time though. She didn't enjoy the slide as much. We couldn't stay long so I promised Talise we would go back tomorrow after school. It was a great day!