Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So grateful

I was driving to go pick Mylie up from school this afternoon and it just hit me. I am abundantly grateful for the life I have today. It has been a long hard road to get here. I have a vehicle that cranks every time I get in it. All it's functions works properly (heat, ac, radio). I have a cute little house to live in and we are looking into something bigger. Not just looking, but we will actually be able to move. It's not just wishful thinking. I have a good job that I enjoy doing. I have 4 beautiful, funny, smart children. My parents are still a live. I have amazing in laws that treat my children as their true grand kids. I have been given such a blessing their. Their biological grand parents don't treat them as well, heck they don't even know their father's parents. I am able to provide all the clothing, diapers, toys and treats they can ask for. I don't but i can. For those that have known me the longest know that is a big deal. Their was a time I had to ask for diaper money. Things aren't rosy, I mean this is life. Things happen, feelings get hurt, this is real. I'll take this over what I had any day. I am happy. I am grateful.