Sunday, September 30, 2012

A new look, and two weeks already!

I've decided since I now have four children my blog could use a new title and new look. Obviously, I have fertility problems worked out. I mean I've got four means of proof.I really think stress was the issue.  We were always broke, he rarely worked, and we fought a lot. Moving Bree was a delightful surprise.  I cannot believe she is already 2 weeks old! She's become an excellent nurser, a super snuggler, hates a bath and a diaper change. She still mostly eats, sleeps, poops and poops some more. She is finally gaining weight! She is still in preemie clothes though, and swims in even preemie diapers. She is a crazy sleeper!

Bronson has started Acknowledging Bree finally. Only every now and then. He has also decided to punish me, I assume for bringing her home. He will come over and lay his sweet little head in my lap and say I wuv eww ( I love you) and just melt my heart. Then, as soon as Bree needs to nurse or something he will stare me down while being naughty. He's taken up kicking, chasing his big sister with sticks, coloring on walls, back talk, digging in the pantry, sneaking food to his room. Just about anything he knows he should not be doing. Things he would not do if I were free to correct him. I have swatted his bottom a few times, but I am trying to be patient with him and give him more love. During the day when I am the only parent home I try not to hold Bree as often so I can dote on him more. He eats it up, but still punishes me to keep me in check. He is the boss after all.
Mylie and Talise are both being awesome. Mylie begs to hold Bree as soon as she wakes up, as soon as she gets home, and before bed at night. She kisses her all the time and professes her love for Bree multiple times a day. Talise helps me out in the mornings before she heads to school. She'll either hold Bree for me while I get Mylie ready for school and Bronson fed and changed or She'll take care of Bronson while I handle the other. After her Mylie goes to bed Talise holds and cuddles Bree. She tells her how pretty she is, how cute she looks in whatever she is wearing or helps with diaper changes and baths.  Talise is a bigger helper than my husband with Bree. He is more of, I'll clean or pick up dinner than let me change her or get her in new clothes. As long as it all gets done I am OK with it. I will admit, I get overwhelmed. Between non-stop talking, pre-teen attitude, know it all toddlers, tantrums and a defenseless infant that is completely dependant on me, I have had a tantrum or two of my own! I have cried, yelled, and just walked away. I have found that getting out of the house, talking my littlest two for a walk really helps my sanity. I took all four today. Big mistake. Not relaxing at all. The older girls can find a fight in anything. For now on it'll be just me and the babies. I will survive. I will thrive. I will be the absolute best parent I can be. Not perfect, but my best.