Tuesday, August 14, 2012

School and such

My first baby, Talise, started middle school last Monday. So far, she loves it. I am happy! I was so very worried for her. I really hope she makes more friends. Maybe I should say I hope she makes friends that I like more. She is doing well so far. She joined band. She has been practicing a lot and is rapidly improving. Listening to the practicing isn't always pleasurable, but I am excited that she has taken such an interest in music. She really wants to be in art club, but so far I have not seen one listed in her school. She has a locker now. I bought her tons of accessories for it. She was really happy about that. She even has a working chandelier hanging in it! I really hope she stays this excited about school this year. I also went to the parent orientation for Mylie's Pre-K. The school she will be attending is nice. We go in tomorrow to meet her teachers. She will be in a classroom of 22 children, a teacher and a teacher's aide. She is really looking forward to going to school. I am looking forward to having quality one on one time with Bronson, but nervous about not having my Myliebel with me all day. After how well she did at cheer camp I am sure she will do great. Not so sure I will though. I had fun taking them both school shopping, buying back packs (Mylie's favorite part), getting them hair cuts and hearing about what they expect from the school year. As I sat and listened to the director talk about school policies I thought about how blessed I am that my babies have been able to stay home with me. Talise is my only child so far that has attended day care. Not that day care is bad or anything. She did great when she went. She made friends and was really social at a young age. It wasn't easy for me though. I didn't always see eye to eye with her teacher. Worrying about how she was all day while I was in school made my day much harder. I am sure I will worry just as much when Mylie starts school later this week. Bryan suggested us sending Bronson to daycare for a week or two after I have Bree. I just don't think I can. I think it would be far too difficult for me. As of now I feel like I will be alright with the two of them home with me alone all day. I did it when I had Mylie. I did it when I had Bronson. I feel I will have better, saner days knowing for sure my sweet boy is happy with me at home. It a very sweet, considerate thought though. If I am wrong, and it is too difficult or stressing on me once my newest princess arrives I will reconsider his offer.