Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day!

On our way home from vacation we stopped and bought fireworks. Growing up we had large family get togethers, cooked out, swam and watched fireworks on the fourth. I really want that for my kids too, so Bryan bought two bags of fireworks. We all went over to his granny's house. The men sat around the grill. The dogs ran and played. The ladies talked and looked after the little ones, who were busy running and squealing in the yard. They children played with sparklers and snappers while my oldest child launched fire crackers and Roman Candles. After we all ate a delicious meal and the kids had several trips to the desert table it was finally dark enough to launch the good stuff. We were clueless when we were buying them. We got some that were beautiful. Some that were just loud. Some that were duds. Mylie was scared of the fire and noise. They all smelled like sulfur, but the kids seemed to really have fun. I enjoyed hanging out and watching them play. Bronson played himself silly, chasing after his older cousins, trying to be big like them. Mylie LOVES playing with her cousin and he behaved like a little gentleman. Bryan's aunt has a large dog. Mylie is frightened of dogs and her cousin kept shooing the dog away from her. It was sweet. Their were a few small blips in the day, but overall I think their were many fond memories made. That alone pleases me so! Having my kids have lots of traditions, a good sense of family importance, loads of positive memories and tons of love is my goal as a parent. Days like yesterday make me feel successful as a mom. It was a wonderful day!