Monday, July 2, 2012

Hell I tell ya

At this moment my stomach is hard as a rock. I keep having contractions. I'm starting to think they are stress related. Bryan and I tried to put a ceiling fan up in the girls room. We decided to just have his friend do it. It just did not work out. The mounting bracket wouldn't support the fan. So we hooked the light back up. The girls room is enough to make a preacher cuss. We started picking it up, vacuuming, Bryan moved the girls furniture. It was beyond disgusting. I am not a dirty person. I have NO idea why or how my girls ended up so filthy. There was garbage everywhere. Well, not anymore. Although I think we are both pretty upset by it.  I find it unsettling that I work hard to give my children what ever they want. I do my best to be sure they are not with out and it is obviously not appreciated.  I will now work hard at not buying them things through out the year, besides school supplies, clothes and such. On top of the disaster room, Mylie keeps holding in her stool until she starts seeping poo. She has shat herself several times today and has a wicked rash because of it. The rash only exacerbates the problem. So as we are trying to clean, Mylie is crying because she has to clean herself up for upteenth time and Bronson keeps coming in the room climbing on things. It was tons of fun. I know, really these things are just annoyances, not problems really. When you are seven months pregnant, hot and having nearly constant Braxton Hicks contractions they can make you come unglued. I've had to fight back tears and deep breathe several times. Bryan and I have both been quite snippy with each other. We've got it all done, come up with some new rules and are happy that it is bed time! The babies are quite now, and thankfully we don't stay upset about these things for long. We are both pretty understanding during crazy times, at least with each other. It was hellish for a minute though.