Friday, July 20, 2012

Bronson likes dolls

There. I said it. He loves them. He hugs them and kisses them and brings them to me to dole out love to. Lalaloopsy seems to be his favorite. That was, until Mylie got a Cinderella Barbie doll as a gift from a friend. The poor girl hasn't got to play with it if he is awake. Today he screamed for 15 minutes straight because I wouldn't let him bring the doll into WalMart with us. I ended up breaking down and buying Mylie another Barbie. Bronson wanted five more. He picked them all out and was quite content until I told him he had to pick one. That's it. He lost it. Again. Over a Barbie. Tonight he took his new doll and Cinderella to bed with him for safe keeping. I am completely OK with his love of dolls. He also loves cars, trucks, and balls of all sizes. He probably has at least twenty balls in his room. I feel that he is still a baby. My husband feels a bit differently. He does not make a big deal about it, but isn't thrilled about seeing his son toting around his favorite blanket (mostly blue with pink plaid) and now three Barbies. Yes, as soon as Mylie put her new doll down Bronson took it over. My husband's parents have both made comments about him carrying around a doll. I'm not sure if they know about the Barbie's yet or not. When something has been said I've responded that I feel that learning to be gentle and loving to babies will teach him to be a nurturing father. I know what people are getting at. So many are so quick to judge and think I am "making" my son gay by allowing him to play with what ever he chooses. I think it is their own insecurity. I don't feel any one would choose to be prejudiced against, so if he is gay, he is. I don't care. I love my sweet, handsome boy. I will love him no matter what. I will not tell him that while his soon to be three sister's play with dolls, he can't. It's no fair. Especially since no one minds if girls play with cars, GI Joe, or anything else considered masculine.