Sunday, March 18, 2012

Such a warm welcome!

I keep my children on a schedule when they are small. I learned that the hard way. With my oldest I was determined to just add her to my life. I did. We'd go shopping and spend hours at the mall. I'd drag her all over the place, figuring she'd sleep in her stroller or car seat whenever she needed to. That idea did not make for very many enjoyable experiences out and about. I thought I was cursed with a "bad" baby. Little did I know that same baby was actually cursed with a mommy that didn't know better. My next child I was much better about keeping her home for her naps and eating at certain times. Bronson only had me. He has been on the strictest schedule of all due to lack of help mostly. His having a routing kept me sane and gave me time to myself. He has been the best/happiest baby ever. I just cannot brag enough about that sweet boy. He got the best of me because I had experience from my girls and needed time for me. So, whenever I here about his routine being thrown off at all me eye twitches a bit. Lately, my amazing little sleeper fella has been fighting naps like a pro. He has gone two gull days without one. Yesterday I get a call at work that Bronson didn't nap and fell asleep on the love seat while daddy was cooking dinner for him. It was after 6 p.m. I felt instant panic. My first thoughts were if he sleeps now his whole day tomorrow is gonna be out of whack which is just going to trickle into next week. Well Bryan decided to let him rest because every time he tried to wake the little guy he'd sit up, then pass right back out. When I got home from work last night it was almost midnight. I rounded the corner into our living room and there is Bronson, playing on the floor. When he sees me he comes running with his arms open and a huge beautiful smile on his face. I squatted down, scooped him up and soaked in every last bit of baby loving I could get out of him. It was a wonderful feeling. I am so glad I got to experience it. So maybe it's not all bad to have an off day every now and then!