Thursday, March 1, 2012

Less than Two Months

Our marriage date is supposed to be April 27, 2012. I say marriage rather than wedding because we are going to the courthouse being that I am knocked up and all. Originally, we were going to go to an all inclusive resort in Mexico after the courthouse. Now we will probably go out to eat and home as I have to work the next day. I have to save my vacation time for my maternity leave. I hope once the little one I am currently making gets old enough for me to feel OK about leaving it for a few days we still go to that resort. This month Mylie turns four! FOUR! I cannot believe that sweet little angel baby is now a raving lunatic smart mouthed pre-schooler. In fact I register her this month I believe. She is so excited that she has official school clothes. They were marked down super cheap so I couldn't resist. I feel she will do well in school. I really think most of her misbehavior is due to boredom. I mean, she is a very bright three year old left to play with a mostly non-verbal one year old most of the day. It will do her good. She has decided on a Max and Ruby party. We are having a small get together on a Friday evening for a couple of hours since I work weekends. I've already got her gifts and party supplies and Bryan is buying the food, which she has requested Chic-Fil_A nuggets, fruit cups and chocolate milk! We will most likely pursue other options for the adults. After her birthday we have Easter, which I took off of work for. I love celebrating Easter! Such an important holiday. I am going to cook Easter dinner and may make Resurrection rolls (thanks Pinterest!), hide eggs for the little ones and visit with the grand parents. I may try to get them to come for dinner with us,I'll have to discuss that with Bryan.  I also have my bridal shower this next month. I feel a bit awkward about it. I am very grateful to Bryan's mom/family for wanting to give me one. I know it's his first marriage, but it's my second and we both have stuff. Lots of stuff. The only things I could register for are more expensive than I'd be willing to spend!  It's supposed to be mostly gift cards. I hope so. I just don't want his family to look at the registries and think I am stuck up or anything negative, but we really have everything we need. I registered for things I'd like. Just a couple weeks later is the big day. I still need to call the courthouse. I don't know if we can pay for the license and get married the same day, if they can actually marry us there or if we go somewhere else. At least  they no longer require a blood test. I've already gotten Bryan's wedding band. He likes it. He's commented multiple times how it isn't fair that women get to were a ring before they are married. I am so happy that he likes it. It suits him. Bryan has been much more understanding in regards to my lack of energy and psychotic mood swings. After speaking with his mom, I found out he was asking her about it. She explained what being pregnant does to a woman, I think that helped. I thought my hormones were easing up on me, then I had a full blown toddler tantrum and realized I am still a crazy woman. I am trying really hard to think before I freak out though. Can't say it's a constant success.  Work in progress.  Overall, I am happy. Blissfully, crazy happy.