Friday, September 30, 2011

Exhausted and elated

I swear, nothing prepares you for the overwhelming exhaustion that comes with being a single parent. Heck a parent at all really. Even though they are mine, when Bryan comes home things calm down so much. I start counting down around 3:00 p.m. for him to be home at 6:00! Today he has overtime. He usually goes in early most mornings. Today and tomorrow he has mandatory overtime until later this evening. I'm telling ya, at this rate me and ol' Jose Cuervo are gonna be thick as theives by the time my man gets home! Just the constant motion of two little ones is enough to make my eye twitch, adding the fighting, screaming and crying and O.M.G! Then when Talise gets home from school Mylie bugs the tar outta her to go outside to play. Talise usually wants to relax a bit first so then the bickering and picking begins. Talise is very helpful with her brother though. I love my babies but I cannot wait for Mylie to start school, only 11 months and 2 days, but who's counting. Now to my elated part. My ring should be done by early next week. I am SO stoked about it. For fourteen years I wore a cubic zirconia (should've been my first clue) because that was all he could afford. We married at the court house and honeymooned in a cabin in Pigeon Fordge where the argueing began. I am very grateful and excited about the ring Bryan is having made for me. It's a custom design that we came up with together, so no one else will have my ring.  How cool is that? Well unless they see the designers picture on his website and requests it.