Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Party details

A little back story first. For Talise we had big birthday bashes. Her first birthday we had SO many people over some were sitting on the floor. We did pottery parties, rented movie theaters, bowling parties, inflatable playhouse thingies, she remembers none of them! For Mylie's first birthday I only invited a couple of people and did finger foods and such and she slept through most of it. I decided for Bronson I'd basically treat it like any other day with a few little exceptions. I took him out to an early dinner as he goes to bed @ 6:30. He got his first kids meal, hot dog a french fries.  he ate it like a boss! Seeing as how he's only got 4 teeth, buddy can eat! He had fun but started getting sleepy. We left and went to pick up his cake and birthday balloon. My mom promptly dropped his cake s she was getting in the car. I could have cried, but didn't. It wasn't too bad, but I bought a replacement anyway. We gt home and let him open his gift. He got crazy mad and had a fit because I took away an ink pen that he was far more interested in than his gift. Once he realised their was more than paper in the bag he was down to party! He loved his activity cube. he did NOT love getting stripped down for cake, another small fit. Once he realised he could go wild with the cake it was on. He kicked that cakes tail something fierce! When he could no longer pull off pieces to eat he leaned in with his face like a dog to eat it! He finished nearly the entire thing. I was sure he was gonna puke. He never did. He DID stay up 2.5 hours past his bedtime though! He was up crawling around and bouncing. He was a happy boy. It was a great day! Too bad he won't remember it.