Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have been in a funk. It seems to be one thing after the other. I previously wrote about Fuckhead taking me back to court to try to have the divorce set aside. Then, last Thursday, a parent at Talise's school not only was cropping her out of pictures of Field Day that she planned to put on a disk to sell, but she threatened to hit my child. A grown woman! Why, you ask? Because Talise is friends with a little girl that used to be friends with her daughter, but is no longer. Talk about crazy. Needless to say I filed a police report after speaking to the principal, whose only concern was how it would look on the school!. I also contacted the Board of Education and filled them in so no disks will be sold. My finances have be crap. I accidentally paid my kids premium twice. It's getting worked out, but is a long sucky process. My mom and I had a disagreement because of something Talise said. It's silly and over with, but it was not fun while it was going on. I've even felt a bit ambivalent towards my guy, for absolutely NO reason at all. He's amazing, sweet, fun and kind to me. I was feeling quite irritable earlier and he sent me a simple text..that's all it took. My mood completely changed. All the warm fuzzies came rushing back in full force and i realised this is real. Things happen and sometimes it feels crappy but it passes and knowing I have someone that cares enough about me to go completely out of his way without any complaint ~ wow! I am a lucky girl!