Monday, May 16, 2011


SO after only two,yes TWO, child support payments  ~ this week none. I called him, the state,the clerks office and finally his job. He was completely useless,which I expected really. The state just said no payment has been made. The clerks office told me that his attorney filed a motion to set aside the divorce on Friday! over a month later he is still trying to stop the divorce. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I called my attorney to see about this motion and apparently we will be back in court on June 9th. His attorney requested a change in the amount of support. Mine requested stubs for proof of income, his would not provide any. He's going to fight for custody or unsupervised visitation, I just know it. I had to contact Coweta DFCS to get a certified copy of his substantiated child abuse charge. His job said he didn't turn in his trip tickets so he didn't get paid. I knew he'd do that! I've told others he'd do that to keep me from getting a check weekly. I hate fighting dirty. I don't understand why he's doing this. I take that back. I know why, Bryan. Fernando is behaving like a little boy over jealousy. He actually told me that my new boyfriend could take care of our kids! What a man! After a few threats, name calling and throwing in the C word just because he's a douche I had to go report him for non payment. Then I headed over to the sheriff's office to file a report for harassment. Tomorrow I will go get a warrant. The gloves are off beotch! Bring it!