Wednesday, May 4, 2011


As many of my friends know, my mom watches my children on the weekends when I work. I love my mother. I really don't know what I would have done without her help, especially right after I had Bronson. She drives a long way down and stays from Friday until Sunday night. When I get home from work, around 11:30 at night she is already in her van, bags packed and engine cranked to go home. Any time I am able to get off of work she stays home or leaves early. I completely understand. She's older and three little ones can be a bit much. So, when I requested off for Mothers Day and got the day off I told her. She was happy. She said she would be going home Saturday. Well, my supervisor was having problems getting first shift covered and since I wanted another day off I volunteered to come in for that 1st shift. It worked out for me and I told my mom. She was still happy that she got to leave early even if she had to stay Saturday night. Well then today happened. My daughter tells me that my mom was upset that I am going to my guys mom's on Mothers Day. At first because she thought I was asking her to watch the kids while I went. Then when she found out his mom invited my kids as well she just got upset. So me being me, I called her out on it. She was actually gonna try to the whole water works thing!  I reminded her how she couldn't wait to take her tail home. She tried to say that I know that she has no memory and that I should have reminded her. I mentioned it about 4 times in total. She tried to guilt trip me too! Saying that if she means that little to me go to his moms house and have fun. I told her that, although she means the world to me, I'd given her ample opportunity before I accepted the invite to do something between us. She kept saying she wanted to go home. I told her I love her, but I am not canceling my plans. She's not happy. I am a bit annoyed at her little game.