Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Oh My Gosh! I've always heard about crazy clingy women but not guys. I have been terribly mistaken. This dating thing has blown me away! My self confidence has escalated which is great but my forwardness has had to as well. I have had men send my completely unprovoked images of their erections because you know that always convinces a girl to have casual sex ~ psh! I have had guys that I have only met once and not gone anywhere with get all controlling and freak out on me when they find out I am speaking to more than one guy. Why is it completely acceptable for a date? I mean isn't that the meaning of dating? Seeing different people to find out who's out there worthy of you? I've had three guys ask me to move in with them to help them with their bills! Yes, that really happened with three unrelated people. I've been invited to meet up for couples sex. DO I really put out that kinda vibe? Total mistake if that is the case. I am not at all into that sort of thing. Plus their is fuckhead to deal with. It has been extremely interesting. Not all bad though. I have met a few potentials, just waiting to see what works out!