Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a scare!

So coming home from picking Talise up from school I decided to stop at the rock mills. Talise is always asking to stop and usually I say no. I have no idea why I decided to stop today, but I did. So we all get out of the car and are walking on the rocks, on the dry rocks, listening to the water. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Well Talise wants to get her feet wet. Talise, Mylie and I all get off our shoes and gently step into the cold water. Fernando was holding Mylie as she kicked her little feet in the water. I was keeping my eye on Talise. Talise is very brave, too brave. Well she wanted to get completely wet, so she asked me if she could sit on the wet rocks. Sure, I say. I have NO IDEA WHY! I am usually so cautious, I know better. Well she goes sliding across a slick rock. She really liked it. She barely slid and was able to get right off. It made me a little nervous but she seemed to be able to handle it so when she asked me if she could do it again I said OK. Well, she goes sliding, only this time a little faster and a little farther. I am watching my baby, and I am scared. She looks up at me with HUGE eyes, looking terrified. I asked are you OK baby? She shakes her head no as she flips to her tummy trying to get a grip on the slippery rock, she slides a little further. Now she is getting close to a drop off. I am thinking, Oh MY GOSH! WHAT DO I DO? I have NO upper body strength and Talise is almost as big as I am. Fernando was holding Mylie a good ways away from us, I know because I turned quickly to see if he was coming to rescue my baby. He wasn't. I HAD to do it. I come towards her and reach. She's too far away. My stomach is in knots and she is looking really really scared. I lean forward and step forward a little, my foot slides, meanwhile she is slowly inching towards the drop off. Finally I grab her hand. Now I think, I am standing on a slick rock, if she pulls on me we could both go over, I think she knew that because she just pushed with her feet with all her might as I pulled. Praise GOD! He saved my baby! I was able to get her to a dry rock safely. She had dirt and rock bits under her finger nails from trying to grip the rocks and dirty little toes because she was using and little patch of weeds or something to grip with her toes. Once I got her on a dry rock I was kissing her and hugging her. She asked me I took so long. I felt so bad, I don't know why I took so long. I was trying to figure out in my head how to save her. I assured her I would've jumped in after her if I had to, thank goodness I didn't. It was horrible. I thank GOD my family is safe.