Monday, May 25, 2009

And So It Begins!

Summer break has officially started. I had plans to take the girls to the Birmingham zoo tomorrow, IF it doesn't rain. The wonderful weather person has predicted rain all week. Rain is not how I envisioned our first week of summer break. Oh well! So I've got a few things lined up as long as everything goes smoothly. hopefully we will make it to the zoo tomorrow, maybe the movies next week, the beach twice and up to Look Out Mountain, Ruby Falls, and Rock City. I really hope this is a good summer for Talise. the last couple of summers haven't been so great. Last summer I had just had Mylie and the one before that I was working like a lunatic trying desperately to keep our house ~ we didn't. Honestly, we have only had one vacation in our marriage ~ 12 years! Talise is desperate to see the ocean so even if I have to rent a car and it ends up just a day trip that girl is going to the beach! Today we ended up renting movies and taking a nap. Not eventful, but I was pleased. Fernando is getting a little pissy because I want to do this and he wants to do something outside, which is why this is short. i must go!