Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Flipping Mother

I tell you, you'd never know that she is 60+ years old. She behaves worse than a child at times. I am so unbelievably angry with her at the moment I could pull my panties up over my head and run the streets screaming like a banshee. What makes it worse is that I cannot discuss my displeasure with her because she would take it out on my children. Talise wants her granny to come over and spend the night tomorrow. Even though at the moment I would rather have my eyelids pierced than have her over, I don't want my child disappointed again so I keep my mouth shut. I really hope I can hold it together tomorrow. She had mentioned giving my husband a riding lawnmower to mow our tremendous lawn. That way field mice don't creep up to where the girls play. Earl, the cave man she lives with, said sure. Well then my husband and my mother get into an argument. She is cussing him and he is disrespectful in return. Although I am sure she'd see it where blame lies ENTIRELY on my husband. She calls me the next day to say she is over it. Great, back to normal.At least that is what she led me to believe. Well today when I am speaking on the phone to her I ask her to bring it. Well, she snips back the Earl isn't going to give the rider mower to Fernando. Earl is angry about how disrespectful Fernando was to my mother! The way she said was like she was totally getting off on it. I was waiting to hear her moan or start deep breathing. I just told her to tell Earl I said thank you, I would expect nothing less from him. I gave the phone to Talise. Talise was dying to talk to her granny. Meanwhile I am about to explode! I wanted to tell her to keep her ass at home. Sometimes it is SO hard to not call her a bitch.