Saturday, July 19, 2008 stinking smart!

That baby just amazes me! Now when I change her diaper, once I get it unfastened and pull the front down she holds her little legs up in the air and grabs her toes! i swear she is holding them up out of the way the same way I do. I am a toe holder also! I tell you, she is a genius! She babbles at you in sync with the conversation, like she totally understands what is going on. I just love looking at her. I made the mistake of reading a myspace post about a baby that was shaken to death and now I can't stop thinking about it, or thinking about Mylie. I worry constantly about ways to protect both of my children but especially Mylie since she can't speak yet. Everytime I think about the shaken baby I pull Mylie in a little closer, kiss her a little more often and cuddle with her a little longer. i want her to know how much I love her but don't feel that I can express it enough. My overwhelming worry of something happening to her ( I worry more about SIDS the SBS) makes me dote on her a lot, which in turn makes me feel guilty about giving her so much more attention than Talise. So both of my girls have been hearing a lot of I love you's lately.