Saturday, August 2, 2008

Changes keep coming

Poor little Mylie, her reflux has been giving her fits. Her meds have increased and we started adding cereal to her bottles. It seems to help. She's such a sweet baby, I hate to see her in pain. Talise has been very moody. School starts for her next week. I hope that helps. Maybe when she has her own thing to do and some time away from us during the day she'll be nicer to be around. Lately it seems like she gets upset at me for spending time with Mylie, but when I try to spend time with Talise she pushes me away. Almost like she's punishing me. She is NOT adjusting to following a insulin resistant diet well. She doesn't understand, she's too young. She thinks it's just about losing weight, not about her little body not breaking down her foods like it should. I swear, since she found out she has to eat a certain way all she has wanted to do is eat. It's making me nuts! Well, that's all for now. I don't feel like blogging anymore.