Thursday, March 8, 2007

I've been neglectful!

I haven't blogged since Monday! Well, lets see this week I went to have some papers signed that I drove over two hours to do - YUCK! I went and had lunch with Talise at school. I took her to the book fair. We went to church, I dressed her up so pretty I should've taken pictures. I went to the department of labor for an interview class. That's about it so far. Kinda boring. I've been very tired and my breasts are sore. I tested negative on Tuesday, but my period isn't due to start until tomorrow. The nurse said that sometimes Clomid can drag out your cycle, so we'll see I guess. I watched the Health Inspector last night, so flipping funny! I am tired and boring so that is all. I will try to do better the rest of the week!