Thursday, March 1, 2007

I am in the worst mood ever!

My husband knows that I have my alarm set. He knows not to let our dog into our room, he will pee on the carpet. He knows not to let our cat Charlie in our room, because we have to keep the door closed to keep the dog out. the cat will sit by the door scratching to get out. He knows that light wakes me up. He knows that I am temping because we are trying to get pregnant. Yet this morning, even though it is raining outside so he doesn't have to go to work, and he is already awake and dressed, he keeps coming into our room. He asks me over and over if I am going to get up and get Talise ready for school. He lets the dog in our room. He leaves the door open to the living room which has the overhead light on. I cannot have sugar. Last night I ran out of Splenda and he promised me he would get up and go get some this morning, nope! He had a cup of coffee though. And when I asked him if he'd take Talise to school since he was up he had to run to the store immediately. I asked him to please heat Talise up a biscuit in the microwave while I got her ready, he didn't. Then he shows up as I am leaving to take her to school, without Splenda. So I told him, fine I'll go by Starbucks and pay $6.00 for coffee since you can't honor your word. Now he wants to take her to school to keep me in the house. Talise and I are in the car I am trying to back out of the garage and he keeps closing the garage door. I am angry! I feel I have every right to be angry. He is acting like an asinine child. Well he comes up t me and tells me that he is going to call Joe (our pastor) and tell him to cancel Sunday - we are supposed to get Baptised. I told him fine I think he should the way he is acting. He said no, for me because I am obviously not ready! Am I crazy?! Do I not have a good reason to be upset at him? He thinks the only reason Joe wants us to get Baptised is because he thinks Joe gets some kinda bonus check for everyone he gets Baptised! I told him that is nuts! I'm telling you I have not felt this foul in a long time.