Saturday, March 3, 2007

I'm not sure what to call this one.

My morning started out frustrating. But has ended up pretty decent so far. One of Talise's friends called for her to go play, so Fernando asked me to go on a date. That was really nice, and surprising. We went and saw The Messengers, then had lunch and bought Talise's Easter stuff. After we picked her up we got Gizmo and took him to PetsMart, he loved it. Once we pulled into our neighborhood we decided to park at the clubhouse and walk the nature trail. We saw Canadian Geese. it was beautiful. We ended up walking all the way home, then having to drive back to get our other car. Today is a good day so far.Well, It is now 8:30 p.m. and the good day is over. He started acting completely psycho! My friend called and as I was talking to her he picks up the phone and says that I went to the store. then he comes and fights me for the phone, twisting it out of my hand. Trying to act all bad ass. I told him to go for it, I'll call the police. All the while my little girl is staring at us. I am speaking to Joe about this. He is so set on hurting me when he is angry that he doesn't care that it hurts Talise also. I do not understand him. After the craziness he keeps turning the other phones on speaker phone so he can hear me and my friend talk. I don't care! Since that doesn't bother me he starts pressing buttons. We both just waited until he stopped, then resumed speaking. Then he says he's going to the store and takes the phone in the car with him. Finally poor Talise goes out there because she is upset by all of this. He gives her the phone and she comes inside. Why is he so flipping nuts?!