Thursday, March 13, 2014

Remember coming undone?

Well I can now talk about some of it. A little back story. I met my husband through an online dating website that his sister put him on. Oh the irony. Well, when we met his sister, her husband and their two kids lived with him. From what he told me, rent free. They say otherwise. I don't know truly, but I choose to believe my husband because I heard him ask for 1/2 of the electric bill money  at least three times before he told me he got it and he often complained that she said they'd provide groceries but his fridge was usually bare. His sister and I got along fine. I used to hang out with her while waiting for him to come home from work. Then all of a sudden he says that she is telling him that I am being rude to her when I come over. I just go straight to my then boyfriends room until he gets home. Turns out, he had asked her to move out within a few months. He said her first question was is he going to move me in. At that time he had not asked me too, but shortly after he did. After that she would go out of her way to ignore me when I came over. Make comments so I could hear her, but not to me, things like that. It eventually came to a head on his moms birthday because she told Bryan that he had another psychotic bitch on his hands all because I slammed the bedroom door to my boyfriends bedroom in HIS house. He tried talking to her but she got mouthy, telling him to grow a pair. So he told her she had a week to get out. She woke her sleeping kids all while ranting and raving at Bryan and arguing with me. She tried to physically attack me multiple times, Bryan stepped between us. She left in the middle of the night. It has been nothing but crazy, harassing hell, family attack meetings and people turning against me since. She started stalking my facebook page through her mothers account. She'd get nuts over any compliment I paid my mother in law. She started reading this blog, passing it along to my father in law (equally crazy) and someone was showing it to my husband granny. My mother in law say her sister in law did it, her sister in law says my father in law did it. I don't care. I tried to make amends. Then his sister starts intercepting emails I send my mother in law, reads them and forwards them to herself. She gets all bent out of shape over my saying that it hurt my feelings that I didn't get a baby shower but she does. I didn't say for her not to. Hell, I bought her personalized gifts from me and both my older girls. I planned to attend. But me and my kids were excluded. I invited her over for Memorial Day to a BBQ, got no answer. I invited her to go see the last Twilight movie with me and Emma, no response. I invited her boys to my sons birthday, no response. At this point I am sick of it. So emailed her and told her I was accepting her lack of response as a regret and would order food accordingly. She tried to pawn her kids off on my in laws for them to still come. I wouldn't allow it. I am tried of her being a shitty person to me and everybody expecting me to accept it. Not anymore! I sent out a mass text wishing people a Happy New Year and she flipped out! "Really? I've told you NOT to text  me! I don't want nothing to do with the drama" As badly as I wanted to correct her grammar I just ignored it and put a block on her so it doesn't happen again. Then one evening I'm sitting here with my husband watching t.v. and I get a text of a half naked man asking for me. He tells me that he got my number through an online adult dating website. He gives me the screen name and this is what I find:

I am instantly appalled, angry, just blown away. My gut told me exactly who it was. I started contacting the website to have it taken down. The next morning, after several more texts, I contacted my local police.  My mother in law calls right after I see this. She of course starts in the Bryan's sister doesn't know my phone number, yes she does. She's texted me before. Oh well, she doesn't know your email. Well she doesn't need to, but she does because she emailed me a copy of my child breaking a board at karate class. She tries to tell me that an IP address means nothing. That's not proof. Well guess what, that's not what the detective I dealt with had to say. He said I should've been contacting him every time she pulled any crap. From here on out I will.  A report has been filed. If it continues I can have her arrested for harassment. I hope it doesn't come to that because I know it will somehow all be my fault. It always is. After all, I am tearing the family apart. If Bryan and his sister were as close as everyone tries to say no one could get in between them. I couldn't stand my ex sister in law. She never knew it, because I love my brother. I love him so much his happiness is worth me biting my tongue.