Friday, February 7, 2014

Back in the Grind

My leave is over. I went back to work last weekend. Thankfully my coworkers rock and helped me move patients. It was a really long weekend. I missed my babies terribly. The night before I went back Mylie came up to me for a second goodnight kiss and to tell me that her tummy hurt because I wasn't going to be home the next day. That both warmed and broke my heart. She has such a loving spirit. I truly enjoyed having those weekends off with my family. The evenings are so rushed during the week. Getting lunches made, homework done, baths, dinner made, everyone fed and the kitchen cleaned all between the hours of four and seven doesn't leave a whole lot of time. We sit together to eat dinner. It's nice to discuss what's new with the girls at school and family business. I always go sing to Mylie before bed too. She loves it and honestly, I do too. That's the only downfall of having four children. Trying to give them each all of you everyday. Bronson and I play while Bree naps, I sing to Mylie before bed, Emma hangs out and talks to me while I get the next day's lunches made and I play with Bree once the others are in bed. It just seems like their just isn't enough time each day to give. I do my best to engage with them all during that time. It's really busy though. Everyone has so much to say and yet both adults want to wind down a bit too. Bryan and I have time together once everyone is settled in bed though. It's really important to me that they all know how much they matter to me. I try to make sure our home is filled with love. It's filled with chaos too, but mostly love.