Thursday, February 13, 2014

A day of love

With Valentines Day approaching I thought I'd blog about something a bit more positive, love. I love my husband. He's quiet and keeps to himself more than I'd like. He's often difficult to interpret. I am very affectionate. I like to hold hands, cuddle and kiss. I love flowers, poems and love notes. I voice theses desires to him. They usually seem to go unheard. That is frustrating. I've said to him more than once I need more. I try to cuddle up to him at night and get pushed away because my feet are so cold. In fact, I stay cold most of the time. I wear socks, especially in the winter. Once my feet get cold forget it. My entire body is cold. I complain at night about having a difficult time falling asleep because my muscles get stiff from trying to knot up as tight as I can for warmth. Well, yesterday my husband told me that he was going to have to order my Valentines Day gift. He couldn't find it in the stores. He asked me if he could tell me what it is. I thought about it and decided sure, why not. The man that rarely shows affection, said he is getting me an electric blanket. That made me feel overwhelmed with love. He actually has been paying attention to me. He does care. He may not be as physically affectionate as I'd like but he loves me. That proves it. I am happy about that. I guess I'll keep him.