Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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After a lot of talking, both together and with friends and family we have decided to continue on with our journey. We are still going to pursue couples counseling as I am very protective and defensive given my previous relationship and this is his first time at all of this. He's stepped into not just a woman with baggage, but two girls with a lot of baggage also. Thankfully, Bronson was so small all he knows is Bryan as his daddy. Given that we have been together for a year and this is the first time he's ever even raised his voice to me says a lot. My first instinct is to run because of my past. We still have growing to do as a couple but we are both happy and love each other very much. A friend pointed out just how much has happened this year for us. We met, moved in together, got engaged and got pregnant all before our one year mark! We have been super busy! All of this is so fast that it causes stress even if we are happy with each other. We still have to house hunt and buy a bigger vehicle! It is all overwhelming. We are not having a big ceremony or anything. We hope to get away together for a couple of days before the baby is born and have a belated honeymoon once she has arrived. The lady that is going to marry us is actually coming to our house! How convenient is that? We will have close family over and that is it. So onward we go!