Monday, February 28, 2011

A New Day

Things are looking up. I am calm and happy. I am so proud of my sweet babes. Talise has been nicer , more helpful and less sarcastic to her grandmother. That alone makes my life so much easier! I cannot wrap my brain around being disrespectful to one's grandparent, but Talise can be, and much too often for my liking. My mother is old school in her thinking so she gets really, really upset by any form of attitude coming her way. I completely understand that and agree with her. My hope is that Talise will get it together and stop all together, but she is going through a lot here lately and is handling it all wonderfully if you ask me.
     Mylie is doing SO good! She didn't get in any trouble all weekend! That is a first since Bronson has been born. She also slept in her bed all night both Saturday and Sunday nights, another first. I am so proud I almost bought her a gift for doing it. I didn't because really, she is supposed to anyway and she should feel pride in herself. Pride is gift enough. She is turning 3 in 27 days! Where has the time gone? She is my sweet little angel, I love her so! I registered her for preschool today! She gets to start in the fall. We are both excited about it. She can't wait to make her own friends. I can't wait for some alone time with Bronson.
    Speaking of Bronson, he will be one in three short months. That blows my mind. He can now say mama, dada, hi, and baba (bottle). He has two teeth and utilizes them for evil! He will bite the fire out of you! He hasn't bit me while nursing yet thank goodness. He is very rough and has been showing his temper here recently. He has also been fighting naps. When he gets overly tired and I am trying to hold him to give him a bottle he will slap at me and the bottle. He tries to claw me and arches his back while screaming at me. Once I get him held with his arms down at his sides and will succumb to sleep.That's really the only time he gets difficult. Otherwise he is a happy boy. He loves trucks and cars, preferably yellow ones it seems. He also adores his glow worm. He gets the sweetest expression when he sees it. He handles it gently too. My mom and I always say ah, sweet baby, in a loving tone when we give it to him. I want him to be kind and loving. He has a baby (it's yellow) that he loves too. He likes balloons and sitting in his diaper boxes.  He has been doing the pre-crawling sway non-stop. He really gets going then lays on his belly. I'm sure he will crawl sooner rather than later. He responds to all of his nicknames which are: Fella (from me), Bunky, Zippy, Zach, zip zaking zacha, and Taters ( all from my mom). He loves exploring things since he can roll around and he really enjoys being outdoors.
     What have I done to deserve all of this?  I've got a good job, wonderful family, supportive friends and amazing, wonderful, healthy, bright, happy children. Glory be to God for blessing me immensely!