Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My little prodigy

Mylie continues to amaze me. Not only is she super cuddly and affectionate, but she is the smartest little baby ever! She can now completely roll over which ever way she wants to. She also is very curious. When she is nursing, if she hears someone come into the room or the t.v. noise changes she has to look to see what is going on. Talise used to do that too though. She has gone through several nicknames...at first it was princess, then sugar dumpling, then just dumpling, then dumpling doodles, then doodles and now sometimes doodle bug. Fernando has been staying home taking care of her. He's not only bonded more with her, but he also does a lot with her. Playing with her and giving her lots of tummy time. I am very proud of him. I ADORE that baby!