Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Children are such blessings

I keep telling myself this. Especially in times like now. My middle child, Mylie, knocked over my oldest child's, Talise,  fish bowl. That not only hurt my oldest Talise's feelings terribly but also left her a huge stinky mess to clean. Mylie wants to help clean but is really more in the way than anything. So Talise is crying, yelling, and is extremely grumpy. Mylie is upset because she upset her sister so. Bronson is clueless and cannot understand what all the fuss is about. The fussing woke him up from his nap, which is never a good thing. He is my sleeper. He thrives after a good nap. Disturbances in his sleep patterns aren't fun for anyone involved. So in between the "she's stupid!" and "Leesy is mean to me!" and Bronson crying from being shuffled from room to room between the arguing girls and I try to hold it together and remind myself how blessed I am to have this problem.  It helps when my little fella comes and lays his head against me, even if for just a minute. When Mylie tells me I am pretty I smile. When Talise says, you are not fat, you are pregnant! All those things keep me grounded. Some days it surely is tough being a mom. Some days I cry right along with them. I hate that they don't always get along or appreciate each other. I pray that once they are grown they will. I do love that even though they may fight and aggravate each other if anyone else thinks they are going to pick on one of them the others step in with a vengeance. They can embarrass me, torment me, anger me but they also fill me with so much love. Its overwhelming at times. When I am at my worst, they lift me up. I am so incredibly blessed!