Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am amazed at just how many brats their are in this world. Not just children and teens, those are to be expected.  Adults! Grown people having tantrums to get their way. And grown brats know no economic status. Poor, rich and middle class all have them. It simply blows my mind. I was raised that when you know better you do better. For brats I guess its what ever works for their world to follow as they see fit. I, as an adult, would not behave like a toddler, yelling names, throwing things and threatening to hit. A lot of so called adults do. These people have been catered to for so long I really feel that they know no other way. Its sad really. Or if they do know better and choose to act a fool, well I find that sad also. Something else that I find unbelievable is that the people close to these brats excuse their behavior! It's just how they are! Bullshit! I refuse to tolerate, or deal with behavior like that from an adult. If you don't put your foot down regardless of how hard it is for you to do they will never see how selfish, inappropriate, and disrespectful they are being. I will not stand for it. So to all these brats, stay out of my way!