Friday, August 14, 2009

More anxiety!

So I got my Progesterone results back...I ovulated!!!!!! BUT, my levels were only 8.5. Well Wednesday I woke up with mastitis. I felt horrible. My breast was swollen and covered in red splotches that were hot to the touch and by mid afternoon I had a fever. I had to work overnight that night too. YAY! So I saw one of the doctors at work who, thankfully, gave me some antibiotics. One of the perks of working in a hospital. Thursday morning I started spotting. At first it had me really excited because I thought IMPLANTATION! So when I woke up Thursday afternoon I took a test, POSITIVE! It was faint but it was there. Talise, Fernando and my mom all verified it. The spotting continued, going from brownish to pinkish, getting a little heavier. Then we decide to let my mom shoot our BB gun, that was a mistake. She shot me in my ass! Not only did it hurt like hell but I was holding a fresh cup of coffee that I doused myself in trying to get out of her way. I soaked my good bra in coffee, the one that provides the most support for my aching boob. I was pissed! I kept spotting, getting a bit heavier. Friday morning I wake up and test again, it is only cd25, still a faint positive, only a little lighter. I called the doctors office. i don't know if I'm pregnant and losing it, or my uterus needs to get rid of some funk since I've only had one period since I got pregnant with Mylie or what. The doctor had me come in and do a beta test and another progesterone check. He also gave me an RX for Prometrium that I started today. It says to take it everyday for 30 days and he gave me 3 refills. That makes me think that he feels that I am pregnant and I just need some Progesterone to sustain the pregnancy. We'll see. I'm barely hopeful.