Friday, July 10, 2009


Still no sight of it. I've NEVER longed for a period before. Never anxiously awaited one. Can't say that anymore. It has been two full weeks since I stopped taking Premetrium, and still nada. It is quite frustrating. I have been pukey and dizzy and having stomache aches. I am going to call my doctor on Monday. I really don't think it is gonna come while Mylie nurses. She is a total addict. I feel bad about making her give it up. I know that technically she no longer needs it, but it brings her comfort. I like knowing that she come to me for comfort and security. I would also really like to get pregnant again. I've been thinking about becoming a surrogate, but I would like to have one more of my own. So far three agencies are interested in me. Maybe I should do that first and then have another for me. I don't know. I have some serious praying to do. Mean while I wait.