Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back on the wagon

So to speak. I just finished a round of Premetrium and waiting on my cycle so I can start Clomid again. Hopefully it will work. No sign of a cycle so far. My Dr. says to give it until Wednesday then give him a call if it still doesn't show. I've been looking into possibly being a surrogate also. For after we have another baby of our own. So far no luck due to Alabama laws, but we'll see. On a side note ~ we went on a vacation! What a relaxing trip! We went to Pensacola Beach. It was beautiful. White sands, clear, aqua waters. Our first beach vacation. The girls loved it. Mylie rolled around in to sand and ate a bit. She wasn't afraid of the ocean either. Talise loved it. We've always teased that she is part fish any how. It was pricey though. There was a charge just to walk on the pier! Needless to say we didn't walk. I am cheap that way. Next I want to take the girls to Rock City and Ruby Falls.