Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So many things have changed since I last posted. For starters my doodles is now 9 months old and started crawling 4 days ago. She also pulls herself up and attempts to stand without assistance. She says Baba, Dada, laughs all the time, and is starting to show her frustrations more. Also, we have moved yet again. I am starting to feel like a nomad. We are now located in Roanoke, Alabama. Talise is at another new school. So far we are all happy. This is the best place we have rented so far, and it is much more affordable. Very rural, not at all like Newnan. I fall more in love with Mylie everyday. She is such a loving, sweet baby. I think Talise can tell and is not happy about it. I try to show her additional attention but she has been very irritable and whiny lately. Talise has learned to ride a bicycle by herself! I am very proud of her for that.