Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Am I too personal?

I often wonder if people that read this, or my facebook posts think I am far too personal. My mother in law called me on it. She said I should only post positive things or something to that effect. I think a lot of people feel that way. To me it isn't real. I am human. I experience both positive and negative. Sometimes things are wonderful, sometimes things are extremely difficult. Even though I am almost an open book, I do hold back a lot. I refuse to paint everyone in bright, happy, smiley light though. Life doesn't happen that way. I hope that I do not come across as transparent, difficult to please or bitchy. I am just me. Not perfect by any means. I try to be the best me possible and fail often. I love fiercely. I am beyond sensitive. I over think. I may forgive, but never forget. I have tantrums. I feel guilty almost instantly every single time I raise my voice. I usually handle conflict from anyone that I am not sure loves me with passive aggression. I am extremely sarcastic. I find horrible, mean things humorous. I am opinionated. I am loyal. I am me. I do my best to be a decent, productive, helpful person. I am not and will not be a door mat. I take more crap from my kids than I ever will from anyone else.  My bark is bigger than my bite. I expect the same of anyone that loves me. I want to feel treasured. Not only by my husband and children but by my friends. I choose them carefully. I guard them. I am easily hurt and expect a lot out of people. I am often let down. So, please, if I offend. If I come across as too forward or too open. I am me. I am just getting through life just like every one else. Feel free to message me, comment or email me. I welcome the input. Oh! This is in no way about my mother in law. She is amazing, I adore her.  I just mentioned what she said because I found it relevant.